American Vet Project


QWhat is the American Veteran Project?
A: We are a website that supports & promotes Veterans Projects.

Q:  What is the Wild Horse Tribe?
AOur goal is to save Wild & Military horses from slaughter.  To bring together Veterans & Active Duty to the horses as a beneficial option.  It doesn’t matter your politics, religious, sexual orientation or other to participate.   If you like horses, dogs & Veterans – We like you.

QWhat is High Anxiety Days?
A:  We are a facebook group created by and is for Veterans & Active duty members.  When a group member is feeling anxiety, all they have to do is create a post in the group.  When another member reads it, they can reach out to them.  Some Veterans feel a lot of anxiety while other Veterans / Active Duty feel like their not useful anymore.  This group meets both needs.

QWhat is “Where FREEDOM Flies” digital magazine?
AThis is an online magazine created by and for our Veterans / Active Duty members.

Q:  How can I get involved?
A:  That’s simple.  Join the social media group of your choice and register to receive our weeks email updates.