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Contact tracers are producing a soaring number of suspected COVID-19 cases using a broad brush approach to define what a suspected COVID case is.  Suspected cases are why the Coronavirus numbers are rising.

Statistics can be misused, spun or used inappropriately in many different ways to create the reaction the controller wants. Regarding the Coronavirus we need to ask the following questions.

    1. Is it possible that the surge in COVID cases are manipulated?
    2. If you could reach a different conclusion using the same data as the people in control, would you question their results?
    3. What are the actual confirmed COVID patient numbers?

The surge in COVID statistics are calculated and represented by the combined amount of “confirmed patients and suspected patients“. The definition of suspected is “The belief of being guilty with little or no proof” and this is where the challenge lies.


Our Thought Process

COVID-19 Press Bulletin for 10-9-2020: Nevada Health Response – Meghin Delaney, Communications Director

Nevada has approximately 509 hospitalized COVID-19 patients as of yesterday, October 11, 2020. This number includes 382 confirmed patients and 127 suspected patients.


What is an active Coronavirus case definition?


Contact Tracing by App or Phone Call
You were named and contacted through a Govt. agency using Contact Tracing. You feel fine with no symptoms. Are you now considered to be a Covid-19 Coronavirus case statistic and added to the daily number?
YES as a suspected patient


With a little persistence, we are able to give an alternative perspective to the COVID numbers that are less severe than what is being told to us on a daily basis. NO ONE wants anybody to get sick or die, however adding “suspected patients” either through contact tracing (phone calls or app) should not be considered as confirmed patients.  Suspecting something is the same as Assuming something.  Remember when you ASSUME it means that you make an ass out of you and me.



It took very little effort to use the same data to reach a different conclusion from the Governors and people in control.  That being said, the powers at be are destroying our economy, corrupting the general public and manipulating the well being of our community (in our opinion).  The lack of transparency is why the cast of doubt is there.  We did this small experiment to look at the COVID numbers, but the same can be done to the wearing of masks and more.    Just food for thought.

Thank you for taking time to consider this option!