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Schools Never Close

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  1. Obscurity is a bigger problem than money. If people don’t know who you are, then you’re screwed.
  2. Understanding the digital landscape and what your listeners are doing on it is now oxygen for your business.


  • Articles, Podcasts, Videos or other must be profession approach.
  • No “shock jock” approach
  • No emotional outbursts
  • opportunity for opposing opinion to approach and voice their thoughts
  • Digital publications
  • Podcasts can air on multiple platforms to get out of obscurity.
  • Delegate people to do tasks using their strengths.
    • Editor(s) approval before posting
    • Social Media
    • Podcasts

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Checking in on a Texas school district where the schools never closed

What would have happened if schools NEVER closed, didn’t move the desks 6 feet apart, didn’t make masks mandatory, didn’t cancel homecoming, sports and clubs? We don’t have to ask what if, a school district in Texas did just that. Find out what happened!

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