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Veterans 90 Day Challenge

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Attention Veterans or Active Duty – It’s time for action and join our


November, December & January are typically the months with a higher number of Veteran & Active Duty losses due to Suicide or Severe Depression.  And we’re doing some positive about it!

The “Veterans 90 Day Challenge” is to get 10,000 new members join our High Anxiety Days Facebook group in 90 days.  We loose too many of our Veterans & Active Duty because there isn’t a SAFE place online for them to go where other Veterans can really understand their challenges.  Too many Veterans suffer in silence from mental wounds related to their military service while others feel like they are being forgotten, helpless and worthless.

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Michael’s Story

The two most common feelings many Veterans & Active Duty experience at one point or another are “High Anxiety Days” or “Feeling Forgotten” (like you’re NOT useful anymore).  So, Michael Howard, An Coast Guard Veteran had the brilliant idea that could solve both challenges and possibly save the lives of many Veterans & Active Duty personal.

Michael’s idea was to create a closed Facebook group for and by Veterans & Active Duty people.  It would be a SAFE place where members who are having challenges can reach out to other members for help (to connect with each other) and to resolve these challenges.

The member wanting help gets the help by other members who can honestly understand because of their military experience.